Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What do you mean by Handmade Chocolates?

Machines don’t make our chocolates- each of our chocolates are made by our Master Chef using the finest sourced ingredients. Our products are made with love and care because we are passionate about chocolates. We care about what goes into the chocolates and how it will taste for you. Hence our chocolates come with a unique taste unlike other machine made chocolates.

We pride ourselves in making each of the chocolates for you. It takes a lot in making a Tree of Life chocolate for you and we believe our chocolate is an art designed for you to eat – each of our chocolates is an edible masterpiece.

  • Handmade Versus Machine Made Chocolates?

Chocolates made in factories by machines rely on quantity than quality. Machine made chocolates have oils and fats added to the chocolate to thin it out so that the machinery doesn’t clog up with hardened chocolate. We do not adulterate the chocolate in any way.

In factories that produce large quantity of chocolates for commercial brands are not hygienic since the machine motor parts are not possible to clean. It’s also difficult to maintain different machines that are used in chocolate factories- hence it comes as no surprise that often the biggest brand of chocolates have been found to be infected.

Commercial chocolate factories replace natural ingredients by artificial ones and add preservatives that are harmful.

  • What’s so different about Tree of Life Chocolates ?

A lot goes into making a chocolate. The ingredients, method and the temperature are the basic 3 things which make a chocolate. To create a perfect chocolate is like creating art. We pride ourselves in creating the highest quality of chocolate with an exquisite taste using the finest ingredients.

  • What are your quality standards ?

We take care to use the best quality ingredients for making your order. We don’t compromise on that because it’s what we ourselves eat. Our ingredients are carefully tested, tasted and selected. And getting them fresh is of our highest priority. We are certified by FSSAI which conducts independent inspections to ensure quality. We voluntarily send our products for Lab testing at periodic intervals.

  • Do you use preservatives or any other harmful ingredients ?

No we do not use preservatives to enhance the shelf life of our products. Why eat something that even bacteria refuses to it. 

We take care to use the highest graded food ingredients. Note that most commercial establishments will compromise on ingredients to cut on costs due to competition. We don’t care about competition or costs- we care about the health of our customers and ensuring our food products are completely healthy. 

  • I have a question that is not part of the FAQ- where can I get help ?

Drop us an email at and we’ll be happy to respond to you