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For fan’s of BHealthy™ we are happy to announce launch of cream cakes where customers can either choose a normal cake made from maida or a cake made from BHealthy™ while selecting the item. The good news is that in both options the special method of baking and fresh quality ingredients are used that give Cake Town Cake’s their great taste. No butter or margarine is used in any of our cakes, instead we use healthy olive oil. We also make sure that the cakes are baked fresh on order.

For more on the BHealthy™ concept please read the section below:

Normally we associate cakes with cream and fat and after eating such cakes we feel guilty and worry about the after affects. Ever heard of Cakes which are healthy to eat? Well there are some special cakes which are actually healthy and tasty to eat. These go by the Brand name “BHealthy” which the name explains it all.

“Your cakes were so tasty they just melted in my mouth” – At an Event in Total Mall

Mamta is a women entrepreneur based in Bangalore who founded BHealthy and has a passion for creating healthy ways of eating food. She is a foodie and a vegetarian and believes food should be natural, wholesome and healthy to eat. She in fact recently trained others in her society on how to make food without using oil for tadka. Yes that’s right, she uses water instead of oil for tempering. And don’t be surprised yet there’s more. She cooks in earthenware. “There are minerals and essential natural acting agents in earthenware which assimilate with the food that is cooked in them creating a natural aroma and taste. It changes how the food smells and tastes and once you start having food made in earthenware you’ll never go back to food made in metallic containers. Food cooked in earthenware retains essential minerals and vitamins which are otherwise lost when making food in metal containers. Whats more food remains fresh and hot for an hour so you get hot refills ☺. For centuries our traditional way of cooking food has been in earthenware utensils, however with the advent of cheaper and maintenance free utensils metallic utensils became the norm- however we loose the basic stuff of food when cooking in metallic utensils. The essence of food is maintained when cooked in natural utensils.”

“Its 10 pm right now I’m sorry if I’m calling late but I just tasted
the cake that my wife saved for me and they are absolutely
fantastic I had to call you” – Springfield Resident

How BHealthy started has an interesting beginning. Her children wanted snacks to eat after coming from school. Children have a higher metabolism rate and hence need frequent meals in between. It’s difficult for mothers to keep on making food so most children end up having unhealthy snacks like chips, fries, noodles etc. As a mother Mamta was faced with the same problem that all mothers face- what can she give that is wholesome, healthy yet tasty for the kids. She started making whole wheat based cakes and muffins and her children loved it. Soon other mothers in her society started asking for the cakes and that is when Mamta branded her cakes and thought of BHealthy cakes and muffins that can provide a healthy alternative to snacks. She doesn’t use any preservatives so the shelf life is 5 days. She believes that one should eat food free from artificial substances. Her cakes are eaten as snacks and go well with adults who want to munch on something or with children who want an instant snack. They can be taken as packed snacks for long travels. What’s amazing is that the cakes are vegetarian as there is no egg, and in fact no butter used. She uses olive oil instead which is again a healthier alternative to butter or other types of oil.

“Are these really wheat based ! I can’t believe they are so tasty –
wow !” – A corporate employee

A lot of people when eating her cakes are hooked onto the rich flavor and a feeling of satisfaction after one eats the cake. Today her BHealthy cakes are in demand and people from all over Bangalore order her cakes even for Birthdays and special events. 

“My kid simply can’t stop – he’s asking for it can you deliver by 7
am ?” – Mom from Divyasree Elan at 5 am in morning

When we asked Mamta what her dream was this is what she had to say “There are so many people who want to have healthy snacks but there are limited options. I want to provide a healthy way of snacking that goes well with Juice, Milk, Tea of Coffee and can be given to children in their Tiffin or when they want to have a quick snack. I want BHealthy cakes to be available for people across India.”

It’s amazing to see how Mamta is full of passion and energy about her cakes. What makes a food taste great- well we all know the ingredient to that- and that’s love for food and that’s what you’ll find in Mamta’s BHealthy cakes. You can order her cakes from www.caketowncafe.in